Kwan Research Group




James Kwan

James Kwan is an Assistant Professor at the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at NTU (SCBE) and the Deputy Executive Director of NTU Institute for Health Technology (HealthTech NTU). He is currently developing non-invasive health technologies with a focus on improving therapeutic efficacy and patient quality of life by using ultrasound-enhanced strategies. He was awarded the W.W. Spooner Junior Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford for his work in ultrasound-based strategies for drug delivery. James’ work to date on ultrasound systems has resulted in invited presentations and lectures around the world, peer-reviewed journal articles in prestigious journals such as Journal of Controlled Release, Small, and Theranostics, and co-authored book chapters. Additionally, he has co-filed two patents, which have been licensed to separate spinout companies in the USA and UK.

Research Fellows

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Umesh Jonnalagadda

Umesh received his BSc in Biomedical Engineering from RPI in 2012, followed by his MEng in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University in 2013. He went to University of Southampton under the Rayleigh Fellowship to pursue a PhD and, subsequently, postdoc in 2016. He joins NTU in 2017 in James Kwan Lab as a Research Fellow.


Reju george thomas

Reju George Thomas received his Btech in Bioinformatics from VIT, Vellore in 2008. After a short stint working in Tata Consultancy Services as a software engineer, he completed Mtech in nanotechnology from ACNSMM, Kochi followed by PhD and, subsequently, postdoc from Chonnam National University. He joined NTU in 2018 in James Kwan Lab as a Research Fellow.

PhD Candidates

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Xiaoqian "Summer" Su

Miss SU Xiaoqian received her B.S. degree in Bioengineering from Huaqiao University, China and M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HongKong. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Dr. James Kwan’s group. Her research interest is Acoustic Cavitation Agents for Biomedical and Industrial Applications.

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Deepika Bharatula

In 2016, Ms. Deepika Lakshmi completed her B.Tech with specialization in Nanotechnology from SRM University, Chennai, India. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at NTU. Her research focuses on the effects of acoustics on medical biofilms.

Research Assistants


Amirah Murat

Miss Amirah received her BEng (Hons) in Medical Engineering from Cardiff University, Wales, UK in 2018 and a Dip. in Biomedical Engineering specializing in Biomedical Process and Quality Systems from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore in 2016. She is currently working as a Part-time Research Assistant in NTU, assisting Asst. Prof James Kwan and Dr Willem Van Meurs in designing a new lab for the biomedical engineers in NTU, called “Building your own cardiovascular system”.