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July 04 2019

Congrats to Xiaoqian (Summer) Su for publishing her first paper! This paper reports on the use of ultrasound to remotely implant PLGA drug delivery vehicles into arterial tissue.


May 13 2019

Congrats to Dr Reju George Thomas and Dr Umesh Jonnalagadda for publishing a review in Langmuir discussing solid cavitation agents as an emerging technology!



Sept. 9 2018

Congrats to Summer for successfully defending her proposal in her qualification exam!

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August 24 2018

Paired with experts in modelling and simulation (Dr Willem van Muers) and the Dean of ANU’s Medical School (Prof Russell Gruen), we are looking to use self-assessment and experience-based learning to improve our ability to teach the cardiovascular system for biomedical engineers.

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February 21 2018

We now have an accepted PhD proposal within the Interdisciplinary Graduate School. This is a premier fully funded program for stellar aspiring PhD candidates. Our proposal is Project 112, "Developing Ultrasound Responsive Co-polymers for Noninvasive Treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins." If you are interested in our project, then please apply here. See links for details about the PhD Programme and Scholarship.


October 13 2017

Kwan Research Group in collaboration with A*STAR's Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences and Assoc. Atsushi Goto's lab at NTU's Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry was awarded an Industrial Alignment Pre-positioning Grant in Specialty Chemicals to develop novel dual responsive switch-based polymers.

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August 01 2017

Kwan Research Group was awarded a NMRC Young Investigator Research Grant to develop bioresorbable drug eluting ultrasound-responsive particles for the treatment of atherosclerosis.